Albert Bernard Voorn
05-23-1956 in Hilversum
  Albert grew up in an agrarian family. Father Krijn was a market-gardener and mother Will the daughter of a stock-farmer.
Albert’s neighbours worked the land with fancy horses, and every minute of his spare time Albert was present. At the age of 8 Albert bought, from his own savings, a New Forest Pony foal, which he learned to ride with the help of his neighbour, when the pony had reached the proper age.
It was with this pony that Albert rode his first competition, and later even participated internationally. Albert sold Marinette to the Vermeulen family in Breukelen and with this money he bought a 3 year-old horse.

After his school years Albert went to work with horse-trader Tom Olsmeyer in Doorwerth, where he also met Irma. As long as Albert is involved with horses, his goal is to be the best in the trade and to get the maximum out of it. On his road to this goal a number of people exerted an enormous influence:

  Mr Boef: Albert spent a lot of time at Mr. Boef's riding school at the age of 12. Mr. Boef rewarded Albert for his work in the stable with extra riding lessons. Albert still uses the way of longeing taught to him by Mr. Boef.
  Eddie Macken: At the international competitions Albert attended, he was very impressed by Eddie’s style over fences, especially his leg position. Thanks to Eddie's influence, Albert is known as one of the world’s best stylists. 
  Franke Sloothaak: When Franke had his education at Alwin Schockemohle’s, Albert had a great interest in the dressage activities, Franke wielded with his horses. By pulling together a lot with Franke during competitions, the latter taught Albert how to put this into practice.
Franke gave Albert all the ingredients he needed to ride the horses with as much lightness as possible.
For Albert it is hard to understand why Franke doesn’t use this method anymore.
  Ian Millar: On Albert’s request, Emiel Hendrix contacted him with Ian Millar. According to Albert, Ian was the one who could help him with the horse, Wembly, which was hard to ride.
It was in this lesson, that Albert totally changed his view of how a horse should jump. From Ian he learned that a horse always gives its best when you let it jump like it does by nature, and that, as a rider you should hamper it as less as possible.
  Henk Nooren: Albert was raised by his parents with a lot of discipline and a lot of attention for detail in his work.
Albert always was very much impressed by the discipline and accuracy Henk worked with. Henk is on a daily base in Albert’s mind, when it comes to the discipline of riding and training.

  Rob de Vink: Rob had great influence in the fitness training of the horses. Rob has also passed on to Vincent some of this specific methods.
  Monty Roberts: By reading Monty’s book "The Man who listens to Horses" and by watching the video "Join up" Albert has enormously re-adjusted his attitude towards horses. He has become much more horse-friendly and feels more complete as a horseman.
  Willy Sidorak:
Jan Jonas:
Both of them have shown Albert that the way of feeding horses has a big influence on their health. Especially the attention for problems that occur because of muscular pains. Because of this a lot of medical problems can be prevented.
  The thoroughbred horse: Because of their great love for the thoroughbred and the racing, Albert temporarily has trained race-horses. Soon Albert found out that leaving the horse in its value and not forcing it during training-time are a must for good and regular results without injuries. 

All these people and animals have made Albert the horseman he is now.
He has been able to achieve great results with horses that others had given up on.
Albert tries to pass on this way of dealing with horses in lessons and demonstrations to riders worldwide.
In 2002, in recognition of his training and teaching, Albert was awarded the title of Rider of Honour by Mr. Porte de Theil of the Cadre Noir in Saumur in France.